Once my booking has been confirmed, am I guaranteed of a vehicle? Yes. Once we confirm your booking, we also confirm the vehicle that has been assigned to you. However, in the unforeseen case of a vehicle breakdown or accident, we can assure you of a replacement that won’t take more than20 minutes if you are outside the city or 10 minutes if you are within the city. You can be sure of constant communication, so you don’t have to worry about transport.

Do you offer minibus rentals with a certified driver for events? Yes. All you need to do is book in advance or at least within 24 hours to secure a vehicle. All the drivers in our company are fully certified by the local licensing authority.

How do I go about the booking process? You have two options; one, you can call us directly within 24 hours to make your booking, or you can make an online minibus or taxi booking. Once we have confirmed your booking, we will send you the vehicle number you’ve been assigned as well as the driver’s details.

What are the acceptable modes of payment? You can pay directly by cash or via debit or credit card or even PayPal. However, we accept cheques from corporate clients.

How do you calculate the fares for a minibus rental or taxi service? We calculate our fares per minibus or taxi and not per passenger.

Will I incur an extra charge in the event my flight is delayed? No, if you provide us with your flight number. We keep tabs of all flight arrivals in all of UK airports and so if there is a delay, we will be well aware of it. However, if you don’t provide us with the details, you will incur some charges. To be on the safe side and help you save some money, don’t forget to share your flight details.